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When your business or property is susceptible to either accidental or malicious rogue vehicles, or if you have vehicles you need to protect from theft, few measures will be able to protect your property, staff, and visitors like well-designed, well-placed, and securely installed bollards

At Bollards Direct, we are one of the largest companies in Geelong’s bollard installation industry, and we have made it our business to design and install only the best permanent and removable bollards in the country.

Based out of Geelong, all our bollards are designed, engineered, and manufactured right here, and we offer our installation services all over the country.

Why Bollard Installation from Bollards Direct?

Because our business encompasses all aspects of the bollard industry – from design, to engineering, manufacturing, and installation – there are no better experts for bollard installation in Geelong.

When you work with our team, the technicians sent out to properly and securely install your bollards have been with us through the whole process. They understand the unique design of your specific bollard order and know your specific needs

An installation technician who knows nothing about why you ordered your specific bollards or about the unique features of those bollards is far more prone to improperly install them.

With Bollards Direct, that will never happen. We handle the process from beginning to end, and our entire team understands your needs and your bollards. This includes ones that we have customised just for you.

We will:

  • Perform a full-site measurement and assessment
  • Manufacture and install
  • Guarantee our workmanship – the job’s not done until it’s done right to your satisfaction

With us, there will be no risk of third-party installation by technicians who don’t understand your needs or bollards.

Installation for Every Type of Bollard

Whatever type of bollard or for whatever specific reason, our team can handle your installation needs.

We install concrete bollards for those needing the permanent security feature as well as removable bollards installation for properties with temporary or more fluctuating needs.

We have provided bollard installation for:

  • Car parks
  • Movie theatres
  • Shopping centres
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Outdoor picnic/eating areas
  • Parking bays
  • Parking lots
  • Walk ways
  • Residential settings
  • Commercial settings
  • Security
  • Traffic control
  • And more

Whatever your specific needs or type of bollards, our team can expertly install it so that no vehicular force or malicious attempt at removal can prevail.

Leading Bollard Installation Experts Near You

While our main office provides bollard installation in Geelong, we proudly service all of Australia. And as one of the largest bollard and barrier-focused companies, we are able to provide expert full-service, from design to installation.

We are your leading bollard installation experts, and we are proud to serve you.

Contact Us Today!

If you have need for concrete or removable bollard installation, or even need to discuss your unique design needs, we can help. Speak with one of our team or get a quote today by calling our office.

Don’t allow your property, staff and customers to be at risk – call us today to get the very best in bollard security.

Proudly Serving Geelong

As Victoria’s second-largest city, Geelong is a port city located on Corio Bay and the Barwon River, Australia. Geelong is 75KM south-west of the state capital, Melbourne. Geelong City is also known as the ‘Gateway City’ due to its central location to surrounding Victorian regional centres. Maritime Museum, Johnstone Park, and National Wool Museum are the places to visit when anybody travels to Geelong. Bollards Direct has been serving the Geelong area since starting up and has become a leading supplier and installer of bollards across the city.



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