Protect your property, vehicles and possessions!

Do you want to protect your residential property and create security? Bollards Direct will make you feel safe.

One of the largest companies to supply and install residential bollards across Australia. Our residential bollards are easy to fit and retract, using a tamper proof key. We use stainless steel internal components to ensure your bollard will last.

The bollards have welded on caps to stop them from being tampered with and unlocked. We core drill into your existing slab or concrete and securely fit our locking sleeve. We DO NOT USE DYNA BOLT FIXIING.

Our bollards are designed, engineered and manufactured in Melbourne making our products 100% Australian made. We pride ourselves on making the most visually appealing bollards.

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  • Protect your property from automotive accidents
  • Protect your vehicles from theft
  • Protect your ‘pride and joy’ possessions
  • Keep your family feeling safe
  • Implement property boundaries
  • Design or landscaping feature


We would love to discuss your requirements and come up with the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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